Ladle preheaters and dryers

All over the world CEBA is one of most well known supplier of vertical and horizontal ladle preheating and drying stations.

Vertical machines are available with several movements:
tilting, vertical lifting, vertical lifting and horizontal rotating, combined tilting and lifting, etc.

Horizontal machine can be designed for one or more heating positions:
a trolley moved hydraulically or electrically allows the achievement of one or more stands.

Vertical ladle preheating              Horizontal ladle preheating

Thanks to the continuous relationship with the Customer even after the commissioning of the equipment, CEBA is continuously looking for environmentally friendly solutions in order to minimize emissions as well as fuel consumption.

All the machines are provided with the latest technology available in terms of NOx emission and energy saving.

Main features:

  • Low NOx burner: the high speed and the special shape of the flame guarantee to reach a high temperature in the ladle bottom with a very high uniformity.
  • Temperature control completely automatic using a dedicated PLC.
  • Constant and stable air-gas mixture and continuous control of burner’s power.
  • Oscillating suspension to get a tight sealing with the ladle even in presence of scrap on the edge of the ladle, reducing losses and fuel consumption and saving energy.
  • Hot breath system: very high excess air flame to achieve drying pattern which requires very slow heating rates and very slow starting temperature.
  • Safety devices (tightness control of gas valves, flame monitoring, etc…) to comply with the latest European and International standards.
  • Machine can work with several types of fuel: natural gas, light or heavy oil, coke oven gas or other gas according to Customer request.
  • An air cooled oxygen burner can be installed to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Each machine is completely assembled and tested in our special test area before shipment saving time on site for erection and commissioning.
  • Low maintenance and high reliability (our equipment are working for more than 25 years!)


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