The Customer satisfaction is the target of CEBA: we are really proud to say that during all the life of the company, every customer became a partner. This is one of the success keys of the company.

CEBA is structured to offer a complete service to the Customers, starting from the engineering and design of the technical solutions (CEBA uses 2D and 3D design packages) to the commissioning and start-up of the machinery and equipment supplied. Every project can be performed completely as turn-key due to the involvement of specialized mechanical and electrical engineers.

Research And Development
Innovation, research and development is a must that allows CEBA to serve the market in the best way. The aim is to keep the innovation continuously alive and supply every time the updated and enhanced technology. The investment on the research concerns not only the design and manufacturing but also the testing area included in […]


Certification & Standards
Since 2005 CEBA is certified ISO 9001:2008 and since 2012 is also certified API 12K. The highly qualified staff and the control of the goods in all the phases of the production, grants CEBA to face the market only with very high quality products. CEBA is also qualified among the world’s most distinguished Engineering and […]

Custom Care
CEBA’s services are extended also to after sales and spare parts. Actually CEBA assists the Customer during installation, commissioning, start-up, start-in production, maintenance and also revamping of aged machinery. Most of the spare parts necessary for the maintenance of the equipment are usually available in short time if are not already in the CEBA warehouse; […]


Environment & Energy Efficency
One of the main goal of CEBA’s production is the achievement of environmentally friendly solutions in order to minimize emissions and wastes. By means of these solutions, CEBA can assure a low impact on the environment and economical operations by offering products that comply with current environmental regulations. The results of CEBA’s efforts are the […]