Energy saving - CEBAREC & ICS

Smart solutions for energy saving

Since almost 30 years CEBA designs and manufactures machines for steel making industry having as main products ladle and tundish preheating stations. Years ago, these equipment were supplied without any system to reduce fuel consumption and without any system to reduce emissions.

As worldwide technological partner of the main steel producers, CEBA is one of the pioneers in the research of new solutions to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and achieve lowest emissions: in simple words to reduce the operating costs and take care of the environment.

Main advantages of Cebarec & Cebaseal:

  • High efficiency and better performances
  • Reduced fuel gas consumption
  • Short pay back time
  • Automatic and safe control
  • Easy operation
  • Plug & Play solution: each machine is assembled and tested in CEBA workshop before delivery

Cebarec & Cebaseal

When the exhausted gases leave the ladle at almost the same temperature of the process, they still contain most of the heat released by the combustion process. The main aim of energy saving is to recover the heat remaining in the hot flue gases, carrying them out at the lowest possible temperature.
CEBA designed a specific system named CEBAREC in order to recover the maximum heat from the fumes. Hot flue gases coming out from the ladle are collected and sent to a high efficiency heat exchanger where they transfer their heat to the fresh combustion air. The more the temperature of combustion air is increased, the more the fuel gas consumption is reduced.

To further increase the efficiency of the CEBAREC achieving a higher temperature of combustion air, CEBA has designed a zero-gap system, named CEBA SEAL (patent pending).
Combination of CEBASEAL & CEBAREC allow to reach a temperature of combustion air higher than 500°C (that means a fuel gas saving more than 50%).

Combustion System with CEBA REC and CEBA-SEAL CEBA-SEAL is an exclusive system designed by CEBA to reach a high seal between ladle and cover.

Main advantages of I.C.S.:

  • Highest allowable energy saving
  • Highest efficiency of combustion
  • Thermal destruction of pollutants in the flue gas
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Plug & Play solution: each machine is assembled and tested in CEBA workshop before delivery

Integrated combustion system (I.C.S.) Patented

Integrated Combustion System (I.C.S.) is a revolutionary regenerative burner system, patented by CEBA, which guarantees the maximum results in terms of efficiency and energy saving.

A rough comparison of the fuel gas consumption between the very first preheating stations supplied and the last generation of preheating stations equipped with Integrated Combustion System I.C.S. says that up to 62% of the consumption can be reduced.

Exploiting the thermal properties of ceramic beds, the combustion air temperature is brought to a value close to the operating temperature of the ladle (over 850°C) recovering more than 85% of residual heat contained in the flue gases.
Differently from any other regenerative system available on the market, I.C.S. is provided with regenerative devices which work alternating flows direction, in order to guarantee flame combustion always in operation and a continuous heat release adaptable to the need of the ongoing treatment.

Integrated Combustion System is a regenerative burner system where ceramics beds are used not only to reduce fuel consumption but also as a post combustion system for exhaust treatment: the pollutants contained in the fumes are thermally destroyed when they pass trough the ceramic bed at high temperature.

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