Tundish preheaters and dryers

Tundish preheating and drying stations

The aim is to realize a stand alone system for preheating or drying all kind of tundishes. Number of burners varies according to tundish dimension and strands number (which generally ranges from one to eight). According to Customer requirements, different configurations are available: 90° tilting movement, vertical lifting movement, vertical lifting and horizontal rotating movement, combined tilting and lifting movement, etc. Machine can work with several types of fuels (natural gas, LPG, Diesel Oil, coke oven gas) according to Customer requirements.

Temperature control is completely automatic: the required heating/drying cycles are programmed on a temperature programmer or on a dedicated PLC. Mechanic or electronic air/gas ratio control is supplied. According to drying pattern, very slow heating rates (~10°C/h) and very low starting temperature (~ 180°C) can be achieved thanks to the exclusive Scirocco system. Machine can be designed with integrated full cover for tundish (coated with ceramic fibre or cast) or with several small protection shields if the heating is done using an existing tundish cover. The station is completed with auxiliary system for the heating of tundish nozzles and SENs, i.e. burners or Venturi system.

Main features:

  • Tundish final temperature up to 1300°C
  • Very high temperature uniformity
  • Scirocco system for drying cycles with very low heating rates
  • Integrated system for heating of tundish nozzles and SEN (burners or Venturi system)

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