Recuperative thermal oxidizer (RO)

The system is used to clean the exhaust air from solvents and other pollutants (ex. CO) through thermal oxidation; it is also possible to recover the exceeding heat coming from the combustion of the pollutants.

The system uses an heat exchanger Air/Air to preheat the polluted air by means of the waste heat of the depurated flow, that has been oxidized in the combustion chamber by using a support burner.

The purified flow coming out from the combustion chamber, before entering in the preheating exchanger of the polluted air, usually pass through a recovery boiler where, as example of use, is heated the thermal oil used in production. The purified air is released in the atmosphere trough a suitable stack/chimney.

Typical applications: Solvent processing industry suitable only for high solvent concentration

  • All facilities using solvents or other pollutants, whose purification involves the use of an oxidation process
  • Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries etc.
  • Plants for producing adhesive tape, insulating materials, rubber, artificial leather, painting industries etc.


  • Reliable, safe and cost-effective standard process
  • Easy to operate
  • High operating cost it can be used only to treat stream with high concentration of pollutants
  • Safe compliance with specified emission levels
  • Automatic PLC control, ensuring safe operation of the recuperative thermal oxidizer

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