Tundish preheating and drying station

Tundish preheating and drying stations

Machines are designed to preheat and/or dry all sizes of tundishes with different numbers of burners according to tundish dimension and strands number.

CEBA has specifically designed burners for such application granting the best results in terms of temperature uniformity inside the tundish, combustion efficiency with direct ignition and low emissions.

The machine can be supplied also with auxiliary systems for the heating of the tundish nozzles and SEN with burners, Venturi or combined type.

Main features:

  • Tundish final temperature up to 1300°C
  • Ready to work with premixed natural gas and hydrogen
  • Automatic and safe temperature control
  • Very high temperature uniformity
  • Scirocco system for drying cycles with very low heating rates (~10°C/h)
  • Integrated full cover for tundish or small protection shields with cardanic joint

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