Duct burners

Duct burners are designed to work inside heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) in order to increase the heat energy of a gas turbine exhaust.

CEBA duct burners guarantee maximum flame stability and reliability providing low emissions on a wide variety of applications.

Duct Burners are usually stainless steel made in order to resist to the high temperature inside the duct (up to 500 °C) and to provide long equipment life for components since they are used in combined cycles and they can work either with fresh air (when gas turbine is turned off) or exhaust gas. These burners are usually provided in multiple row and they are designed in modular confi guration for an easy construction and maintenance. CEBA test rig area is also equipped for duct burner performance test.

Upon client's request, a CFD analysis can predict flow patterns and pressure drop.

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