Manipulator for sampling and measuring lance for LF/VD/VOD

CEBA designs automatic systems for samples and measurement of temperature, oxygen and carbon contents in ladle treatments (LF, VD, VOD).

The lances carrying device holds one or two independent carriages, moved by gear motor with chain drive; position of the lances is automatically monitored.

The system is supplied with an independent PLC to safely control the manipulator from control room.

An automatic slag-breaking lance can be also provided to open the slag on the top of the liquid steel inside the ladle.

Manipulator for emergency stirring lance

CEBA produces also manipulator for emergency stirring lance: this machine is designed in order to blow the inert gas (argon) trough a refractory lance into the melted steel bath in case of failure of porous plug system.

The refractory lance is moved into the steel bath by a carriage; different speeds for the lifting and the lowering movement of the carriage are foreseen.

Main features:

  • Non interruption of power to the furnace
  • Anti-collision system
  • Safety operation from remote control room
  • Accurate, reliable and reproducible measurement
  • Simple operation and maintenance access

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