Wire feeding machine complete with guiding system

CEBA designs feeding machine for injection of solid and cored wire into the metal bath inside the ladle with 2, 4, 6 and 8 strands.

Wire speed is variable from 5 to 400 m/min and it is programmable by the operator through a dedicated PLC.

Main features:

  • Easy operation
  • Very precise alloying thanks to an accurate wire length measurement
  • Electronic wire detection system
  • Fully automatic control with dedicated PLC

Customized design of guiding system including:

The wire feeding machine can be provided with complete guiding system bringing the wire up to the liquid steel; the design of guiding system is tailor made according to the space available and Customer request.

  • Coils’ station and coils’ supports
  • Inlet and outlet guide pipes with low friction guiding rolls
  • Final feeding tube (telescopic, tilting, etc)
  • Cutting devices (shear and pinch roll)

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