Wire Feeding Machine

Wire injection is the most precise process for the addition of small quantities of alloying elements into molten steel or cast iron. By using a specially designed feeding machine the wire and cored wire with diameter range between 5mm to 20mm is injected into the metal bath inside the ladle.

The machine is designed with 2, 4 or 6 strands.
It is possible to feed respectively 1, 2 or 3 wired simultaneously.
Each strand is provided with two drive wheels directly connected to the gear motors; wire speed is variable from 5 to 400 m/min and it is programmable by the operator.
Proximity switches are installed for measuring wire length.
The contact pressure is independent for each strand and it is adjustable to fit different wire diameters.
The wire feeding machine is provided with a dedicated PLC (different brands can be used according to Customer request); it can be controlled from a local control panel placed close to the machine or from safety control room.

Main features:

  • Easy operation
  • Very precise alloying thanks to an accurate wire length measurement
  • Electronic wire detection system
  • Fully automatic control

Wire guiding system

The wire feeding machine is pulling the wire from the coils to the machine and pushes the wire through feeding pipes and a final guiding tube in front of the machine into the ladle. The guiding tube is used for guiding the wire until brief above the bath surface. The guiding system is tailor made according to space available and Customer request.

CEBA can provide all the required accessories such as:

  • Coil supports
  • Guide pipes with guiding rolls
  • Final feeding tube (telescopic, tilting, etc)
  • Cutting device

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