CEBA has a test area well organized to evaluate the performance of the produced burners and to develop new technical solutions.

The test area is equipped with:
N. 1 test heater horizontal type for burners up to 7 MW.
N. 1 test heater vertical type for radiant burners (box heater)

The box heater has been equipped with an heat exchanger to maintain the same bridgewall temperature as in plants specifications and with 2 slot in order to check flame impingements.

Test rig's instrumentation guarantees the possibility to carry out test using fuel with different composition and analysis on flue gas. Sound level data results strictly fitting with any Customer’s requirements.

Burner's operational tests are according to API 535 standards. Tests are conducted under natural and forced draft conditions. Forced draft tests can be set on cold and hot combustion air temperature, while, for natural draft tests, pressure losses are simulated by an ejector blower, linked to the furnace and regulated in capacity and pressure.

Control Panel Mixing Station

The test rig is equipped with a gas mixing station to assure a perfect combustion gases mixing and to guarantee the correct mixture’s Wobbe Index, matching the characteristics of the test gas with the plant’s process gas.

A dedicated control panel has been designed in order to manage the mixing station with manual flow controls, orifices selection and flow rate visualization.

The flow rate visualization device receives an electrical signal from four differential pressure transmitters connected to calibrated flanges and, according to the selected orifices, shows the measured flow rate.

Four selectors allow the choice of each gas flow, acting on the solenoid valves. Flue gas analysis is achieved by an electrochemical cell-operating portable analyzer.

During the tests, oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen monoxide (NO), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) composing the flue gas ejected are detected.