Sustainable solution for the drying of the ladle

Ladle drying stand Cebaclean

During the drying of the refractory, exhausts containing volatile organic compounds and other chemicals can be released into the environment surrounding the ladle. Since more than 20 years CEBA designs and supplies innovative solution for the drying of the new refractoryand for the thermal destruction of the pollutants released during the process.

The ladle is placed by mean of a dedicated car or by the crane into a closed and sealed box where the refractory
is automatically dried according to the required cycle.

The gases coming out during the process from the inner part of the ladle and from the evaporation holes on the shell are collected and sent to a high effi ciency regenerative post-combustion system.

The temperature of the exhausts coming from the drying box is increased up to 850°C to complete the oxidation and the destruction of the VOC and other chemicals. Taking advantage of ceramic material used as heat recovery system, the request of auxiliary fuel is minimized.


  • No emissions or odors in the working area surrounding the machine
  • Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx burners
  • Automatic and safe temperature control
  • High temperature uniformity
  • Scirocco system for drying cycles with very low heating rates (~10°C/h)
  • Installation of CEBAREC to reduce the gas comsumption.


  • Complete oxidation of the organic pollutants with minimum request of auxiliary fuel (up to 90% less)
  • Guaranteed emissions at the stack during all the phases of the drying cycle
  • Emissions certifi ed by Third Party Notifi ed Boby
  • Compliance with the most restrictive environmental regulations
  • No request of oxygen
  • Easy operation and low maintenance.

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