Manipulators for Temperature & Sampling for LF, VD/VOD

Manipulator for sampling

and measuring lance for LF, VD/VOD

The measurement of temperature, oxygen and carbon contents and samples is very important even for ladle treatments (LF, VD, VOD). CEBA has designed a stand alone and fully automatic system also for these applications.

Different positions for measurement are available, i.e. vertical, with rotating arm, tilting.
The lances carrying device is a frame which holds one or two independent carriages moved by gear motor with chain drive; position of the lances is monitored by encoders.
An automatic slag-breaking lance can be also provided to open the slag on the top of the liquid steel inside the ladle. The lance and the slag-breaker can be swivelled from park to operating position by a common swivel device.
The system is supplied with electrical control panel and all accessories to control the manipulator from safety control room.

Main features:

  • Non interruption of power to the furnace
  • Anti-collision system
  • Safety operation from remote control room
  • Accurate, reliable and reproducible measurement
  • Simple operation and maintenance access

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